Patient Testimonials

  • My doctor referred me to Quantum after I went to her office for the pain in the back of my right heel. When I first started therapy, it was hard but then over time it got easy for me to do some of the treatment. My foot has improved since I have been working with the PTA and receiving treatment. I am walking a whole lot better and it does not hurt as much as it did when I first started coming. I would recommend others to come to this office because I like that they work with you and they take their time with you to help whatever pain you have.

    Tashanna P.

  • My physician wanted me to go to physical therapy after I had a stroke. I have been coming to Quantum off and on for many years and have even worked out in the gym as a gym member. My treatments were very good and the PT and staff are all very helpful and professional. My life has changed a lot since I began my journey and it really helped with my road to recovery. I have already recommended several friends and family members to Quantum and they have also had very good experiences as well.

    Jeffery A.

  • I was referred to this office for my back pain after a motor vehicle accident. My PTA is very encouraging and helpful during my treatment sessions. Since I have started physical therapy my back is in less pain, especially when sleeping. I would recommend this practice to others because they have a great PT staff. Thank you!

    Shawn J.

  • I started physical therapy back in 2012 for my muscle weakness. The physical therapist a long with my treatments, were a good start to get me back to life. My life changed in many ways when I started my treatment sessions. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this practice to others seeking physical therapy. Friendly people, great atmosphere and excellent care; that’s what you get at QUANTUM!

    Amiee G.

  • I was referred by my doctor to come to therapy because of my history of strokes. Therapy has been good for me. It has helped my overall strength and my confidence in walking. It has helped me to move and walk better. The staff is incredibly friendly and very helpful. I have been coming here on and off for many years and I cannot say enough good things about how great the staff is.

    Marcus H.

  • My podiatrist referred me to Quantum PT for the pain I was having in my ankle. So far, therapy is going great. The exercises help out a lot with the pain. I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome down the road when I finish with all my visits. I truly believe the results will be great. I would recommend this office to anyone looking to feel better and get rid of any pain they have. The atmosphere is nice, the therapist is great, and everyone provides a lot of help.

    Curtis J.

  • I was having pain in my neck and numbness in my arm before I came to the office. I had even lost mobility in one of my fingers. My doctor recommended I do physical therapy to help alleviate my symptoms. I’ve just started, but I have noticed some differences already! The exercises have really helped with the tension I am feeling. I am starting to see some real improvements. This is a great office for anyone looking to do physical therapy. It’s convenient and the staff is super friendly. I’ve been treated very respectfully and the therapists show they care about my improvement.

    Leah H.

  • I first came to therapy when my doctor referred me here for the pain in my back. So far, therapy has been a really wonderful experience. I’ve gotten stronger since starting. I am able to tolerate my pain much better than before I started. I would definitely recommend Quantum Physical Therapy to friends and family. They actually care about my needs and how I am feeling.

    Michelle P.