bell palsy

Bell’s Palsy

This condition results from a possible viral infection to the 7th cranial nerve in the face, but evidence has not proven it. This causes the nerve to become inflamed and damaged or injured from some type of trauma too. This, in turn, causes partial or full paralysis to the muscles of the face on the same side. The face on that side began to droop due to loss of motor function to these muscles. There is also the loss of control of the lips, nose and eye movement where the eyes stay open and began to dry out. Speech and tastes can also be affected by this condition. It can also result in hypersensitivity to hearing in the ear on the same side making it difficult for you to tolerate loud noises or in turn become deaf in the ear. Treatment for this condition can be through the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory meds and or through the use of physical therapy with direct current stimulation to the affected muscles and nerves in the face and exercises.